At Hope Crossing Church, we long to be a community which is living with purpose and on mission. God has given us a simple mission while on this earth; Love God, Love People, Impact the World. As a community of Christ followers, we seek to have an impact in a broken world through living out these purposes and we’d love to have you come along side us as we ask the question:

What does it look like for the gospel message of Jesus to permeate our lives, our Church, our communities, our city, and the world?

Love God


Worship | Preaching | Communion

Our Sunday morning worship service is our initiative designed to re-focus hearts on Loving God and multiplying the worship of God.

God created us for worship. Every aspect of life should be viewed as our expression of worship. God’s purpose is to draw all creation towards himself. We fulfill our purpose in life when we worship him and ascribe glory to him. Every moment of our lives should lived to fulfill our purpose which is to make much of Christ.

We come ready to worship and we bring friends who don’t know Jesus with the hope that they will become worshipers. On Sunday mornings we expect God to manifest his presence among us. We expect hearts to be changed and lives to be healed.

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Love People

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Family | Friends | Faith Communities

Community is central to the outworking of God’s purpose in the world.

God is glorified when He is properly reflected; by dwelling in unity, we rightly image our Maker. Life transformation happens in the context of relationship. Hope Crossing will create space where these relationships can be fostered. Behind this purpose are four initiatives:

Family: The home is the center of Christian discipleship. We will seek to strengthen marriages. We train parents to be the spiritual directors in the lives of their children. Learn More About Kids Crossing Here.

Friends: We want to be great friends. We will intentionally invest in relationship with those who don’t know Jesus. We will invite them into our families and Faith Communities.

Faith Communities: Mid-week groups of between 15 and 25 people who seek to live out Kingdom values together. A meal is shared. Time is given for bible centric discussion and application. Once a quarter these groups serve the community together. More information on these groups may be found here.

Formation Groups: These groups consist of 3-4 individuals seeking to grow deeper in their faith through bible study and accountability.

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Impact the World

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Food Bank | Church Planting | Outreach | Giving

Through our Faith Community Groups, we seek to serve the; widow, orphan, immigrant, poor, and the single mother.

Love must be shared and it always initiates an outward movement. Out of the community that is created at HCC, there will be a outward movement of love, hope, and generosity. Through loving acts of service people are pointed to Christ.

Serve with Us


Here is a download of a wallpaper for your computer to remind you of Hope Crossing’s Mission. Feel free to download and share.